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Why Choose CTFO CBD products? – REVIEW




Our customers use our CBD Oils with absolute confidence that they are getting the highest quality CBD Oil available anywhere. Because of the huge demand for CBD Oil, there are less than reputable people and companies trying to get-in on the action. This has resulted in many inferior products flooding the market.
CTFO can make the unequivocal promise that only the highest quality CBD Oil is used in our products, and we prove it!  When you check CTFO’s lab reports you will find that our CBD Oils actually contain more CBD than is listed on the label. Here is a summary of the lab reports: CLICK HERE
The quality of our CBD products is validated in additional important ways. First, our manufacturer produces our products in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. To certify as GMP our manufacturer is required, by law, to test raw ingredients when they come into their facility and again after production. The testing must show that the product in the bottle is at least the potency and purity as listed on the label. This testing must be done by a third party certified laboratory. CTFO makes these 3rd party lab reports available on their website. Most CBD companies do not provide this level of proof and there is no guarantee that what they say is in their product is actually true. A study by Penn Medical, found that 70% of all CBD products sold on the internet were mislabeled. You can see the study here: 
CTFO offers the lowest pricing available. When comparing pricing with competitive products you must consider several factors:  
POTENCY: The price for CBD Oil is directly related to how much CBD is delivered per dose. This is the breakdown for our CBD Oils:  The 300mg oil delivers 6mg per dose, the 500mg delivers 10mg per dose, the 750mg delivers 15mg per dose and the 1500mg delivers 30mg per dose. The suggested dose for all our oils is 20 drops. To accurately compare prices this critical data must be considered first.
EXTRACTION PROCESS:  CTFO utilizes subcritical CO2 extraction. This is the gold standard of CBD Oil extraction processes. Some CBD Oil producers use chemical extraction methods that leave toxic residues in their oil.
ORGANIC, NON-GMO, US GROWN: If a CBD company does not clearly state these elements, it may be cutting corners to cut the price. CTFO uses only CBD Oils that meet these criteria. Review Our Products here
CTFO gives a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee with no questions asked. No other company offers this kind of guarantee, if any at all. There is never a risk for people to try our products. Review Policy Here:

No other CBD company offers the extensive product line that is available from CTFO. We now have 6 CBD Oil tinctures, including the recently released 500mg and 1500mg zero THC CBD isolate. The zero THC oil is perfect for people who are concerned about drug testing. We also have topical pain creams with CBD, skincare products with CBD, CBD capsules, CBD sprays for sleep, stress, weight loss, pain relief and energy, plus CBD pet treats and a CBD spray for pets.

The world-wide demand for CBD Oil, and related products, is exploding and we are looking for people who can recognize this unprecedented opportunity and run with it. While other CBD companies sell their products through traditional means (stores, clinics, internet), CTFO offers a lucrative opportunity to create wealth for the rest of us. The CTFO pay plan is so unique that it has been copyrighted. Watch this short video to see this amazing pay plan: Click Here
The support system for CTFO Associates and their customers is unparalleled. And, to top it off, the public is being educated about CBD by the media and health professionals. As a result the public is already interested in CBD but relatively few of them have tried it.
This is the place to be for people who are serious about changing their financial reality. Yes, there are other network marketing companies selling CBD Oil but when you compare all the elements listed above, there is no comparison!
To find us online, CLICK HERE

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