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Namaste Vaporizers Online Stores

Medical  Cannabis & CBD Designed Vaporizers 

Created to help people ingest cannabis for medical purposes and aiding those who can’t digest or smoke the herb, this collection of vaporizers was chosen very carefully. Higher temperatures are needed for the correct chemicals to be released from weed, and only the best grade parts within the devices to transport the vapor along. This line of vaporizers are ideal for helping get the active ingredients within cannabis into your body without damaging the material by smoking it.

Australian Suppliers

Namaste Vaporizers Australia

Welcome to Namaste Vapes Australia. We are proud to be an official reseller of the worlds top Vape brands here in Australia. We have a whole range of stock available for fast and discreet delivery straight from our AU Vaporizer warehouses. We stock the best available Herbal Vaporizers, Concentrate Vaporizers, Pen Vapes and even Desktop Vaporizers from big name brands like PAX Labs, Storz and Bickel, Grencos G Pen Vaporizers and many more. So why wait? Order your Vape today and get it in days from an online store you know you can trust, Namaste Vapes.




e.g Save 5% off site-wide!* Use code: VAPE5 etc…

* Not valid on PAX, DaVinci IQ, Firefly, Storz and Bickel

Namaste Vapes New Zealand


International Suppliers

Namaste Vaporizers USA


Namaste Vapes Canada


Namaste Vapes UK


Namaste Vapes Austria




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  • Growing Elite Marijuana Review