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Medical Cannabis & CBD Vaporizers

Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

Created to help people ingest marijuana for medical purposes and aiding those who can’t digest or smoke the herb, this collection of vaporizers was chosen very carefully. Higher temperatures are needed for the correct chemicals to be released from weed, and only the best grade parts within the devices to transport the vapor along. This line of vaporizers are ideal for helping get the active ingredients within cannabis into your body without damaging the material by smoking it.

Storz & Bickel started creating herbal vaporizers back in 1996, long before people had dreamed we would be where we are today. With the distribution of the first Volcano in 1998, the world changed forever. Storz & Bickel are dedicated to improving and advancing the vaporizer industry, both in Canada and across the world. They released the first ever medical grade herbal vaporizer in 2010; The Volcano Medic

Volcano Medic

The Volcano Medic follows the Volcano Classic and Digit, both of which set a gold standard for desktop vaporizers. Being in such great company, the Medic does not disappoint. It maintains that excellent standard amongst vaporizers but with the goal of aiding people medically. It allows the use of both ground herb and cannabinoids dissolved in alcohol, using convection energy to help release the chemicals rather than combustion. Using valves and balloons, the device pushes the vapor up to be easily inhaled at your own pace. After placing pressure on the valve to inhale, it closes once pressure is released to keep the vapor inside. The Volcano Medic is ideal for home use, simple to handle and with almost no learning curve. People are known to still have their original volcanoes from the early Noughties, this sleek device is sturdier than it originally seems and even with daily use can last an exceptionally long time.

Mighty Medic

The Mighty Medic was created in 2015, after the success of the Volcano Medic. Realizing they had a perfect option for home but nothing portable, they set themselves the goal to improve the original Mighty. Similar to the Volcano Digit or the original Mighty, the Mighty Medic comes with a LED digital display to help you reach the ideal temperature for releasing the active chemicals within cannabis. Hot air convection technology moves the vapor along the vapor path, with fully medical grade components and an optional cooling section that ensures the vapor is cool enough after it passes through the pathway. The Mighty Medic is light enough to be carried around in your pocket or bag, while still maintaining enough weight to feel as sturdy as it is The first dedicated portable vaporizer for medical purposes, it has set a benchmark for where the industry should be headed.


Burning buds was the only method in the past but research shows this is much more dangerous, causing irritation in the mouth and lungs that can lead to things such as chronic bronchitis. Medical marijuana vaporizers were created to prevent this, using convection or conduction technology to heat marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion. This releases the cannabinoids with spot-on precision rather than using flame based methods, which can burn as high as 2,000 degrees and above! The soft spot for medical marijuana is around 410+, easily reached by both the Volcano Medic and the Mighty Medic. Another benefit is the ability to mix your herbs with aromatherapy herbs, with more benefits than just additional flavor. Almost every herb has a health benefit, like peppermint for settling your stomach or lavender for relaxation. With the option to blend your weed with herbs you can tailor your experience to help yourself feel better as soon as possible.

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  • Growing Elite Marijuana Review