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Hemp Happy

The Hemp Happy CannaBlog

is owned and operated by Hemp Hempy.

We are a registered in Queensland, Australia.

Naturally  Healthy Wellness is our parent business and practice.

Dedicated to preventative, holistic and integral medicinal alternatives for choice. optimised natural health and wellbeing.

Hemp Products

Create a much more Healthier You, with our extensive range of hemp products from all over the globe: seeds to soap, CBD to hemp protein, oils and balms, ropes to gifts, all eco-friendly products to help you become Hemp Happy 🙂

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With over 100 medicinal compounds (being part of over 500 in Cannabis family!) let the "magic of CBD" (stands for Cannabidiol) begin to help you to bring balance and to help heal the body naturally. Just like Mother Nature intended from one of her greatest most versatile plants on Earth!

100% Natural, 100% Organic, GMP tested and NO Chemicals.

We have the best selection of Cannabidiol (or CBD) products available in Australia & Internationally.

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Better Living with Cannabis:

Better living ideas: from recipes, news, events, medicinal news, building, industrial developments, eco-friendly hemp innovations, interesting facts about, new canna products , its all in our Hemp Happy Cannablog

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Hemp Happy CannaBlog

Its all about Hemp..and the Cannabis Family of Plants...

All this topical: news, views, testimonials, stories, history, benefits of, growing, legislation, laws, developments, medicinal news, cannabidiol, THC, industrial uses, farming, ecology...whatever it is about HEMP 🙂


Next Steps...

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  • Growing Elite Marijuana Review