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Hemp Happy Today News Week#44



“Cannabis is a wonderful example of an industry outgrowing its regulations”
Adam Miller


Almost half a million Queenslanders used cannabis last year

Medlab Clinical proceeding to stage II for cannabis cancer trial

Finding life challenging? Why not try hemp gin?

Cann group at it again – secured supply deal with the Victorian government

Cannabis startup raises $4 million – next step, win over doctors

NUBU Pharmaceuticals and MGC announce an NZ distribution agreement

Another Australian cannabis producer gets backed by Canadian cannabis firm

Cannabis finding it’s way into Brazil – Creso ships cannaQIX

Count Coca-Cola out of the emerging cannabis market

An International Cannabis Alliance has formed – first meeting in South America

Canadian companies lighting up the German cannabis market

New Zealand’s cannabis scene is growing – more capital to be raised and licenses granted!

Cannabis-infused beverages could be worth billions

Bigwig professional investors are increasingly investing in medical cannabis

GW thinks it’s important to distinguish between what’s medicine and what’s not’ in cannabis 

Majority of British public support legalisation of cannabis, a survey reveals

U.K. to Legalise Medical Marijuana, What Can We Expect?

Mexican Supreme Court strikes down cannabis prohibition

It’s all about education!

Thailand wants to be the first Asian nation to legalize medical cannabis

Could cannabis help brain tumour patients?

Quitting cannabis could lead to better memory and cognition – a big surprise?

Australian researchers conduct a clinical trial to determine whether cannabis will kill brain cancer cells

Cannabis may affect pain and anxiety in different ways than previous thought

Cannabis affects women differently than men — Here’s What You Need to Know

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