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Cannabinoid Facts – Relaxation

Did You Know? 


Cannabis has long been known for its calming effect.

But it’s not just the euphoria that can help you relax.

Various cannabinoids have been shown to help relieve you of anxiety.

According to one study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, “CBD was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety.”

But, what happens if you consume all of the cannabinoids?

Well, a study published in the Journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence claims that low-dose THC can relieve stress.

Interestingly, though, this study found that those who had consumed enough marijuana to feel a mild high had increased stress levels.

Those given the high-dose THC showed “small but significant increases in anxiety and negative mood.”

It should be noted that their pool of volunteers were not all daily smokers, so it’s hard to say how tolerance comes into play here.

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  • Growing Elite Marijuana Review