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5 Ways To Recover Faster From A Workout

By Elixinol September 20, 2017

We all know the upside of working out: increased muscle, decreased fat, improved sleep and lower risk of heart disease. But the downside? Soreness. That painful, achy feeling you get hours (or days) after a hard workout that makes movement impossible.

Adding CBD Hemp Oil to your recovery routine can help you recover faster from a workout. Most coaches agree that recovery is just as important as working hard – sometimes more. Eating protein, getting enough sleep and reducing inflammation impact recovery. Adding just a small serving of CBD Hemp oil to your after-workout routine can “super charge” your recovery and add to your healthy lifestyle.


Our CBD Hemp Oil Liposomes dissolve rapidly, enter the body faster, allowing you to absorb more cannabinoids in less time. A quick serving, under the tongue, post-workout delivers a boost of Vitamin C, calcium,B vitamins, and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium directly effect muscle movement. Magnesium helps muscles release, while calcium helps them contract. Magnesium also helps flush out the sore-muscle-inducing build up of lactic acid. Produced in three serving sizes and two flavors (our citrus twist just won an award), our CBD packed Liposomes can also stave off inflammation, an influencer of muscle soreness.

Chocolate Milk

Paleo-enthusiasts dispute it, but numerous sources praise chocolate milk’s muscle recovery benefits. Says Ingrid Nelson, a personal trainer in D.C., “It helps replenish the muscle tissue and gives you a shorter recovery time.” The key is the specific ratio of carbohydrates to protein in chocolate milk that creates the perfect recovery elixir. According to several research papers on milk as a recovery drink, the perfect ratio is 4 grams of carbohydrates to 1 gram of protein. This ratio pushes sugar into the muscle, increasing glycogen, while stimulating muscle protein repair and growth. One 8.2 oz Kirkland Chocolate Milk boxes contain 28 grams of carbohydrates to 9 grams of protein (roughly a 3:1 ratio), so drinking two boxes would be ideal.

Hemp Balm

Any lover of the pain reducing power of Icy Hot will love our Hemp Balm. Without the menthol aroma, Hemp Balm is an entirely plant-based formula that includes whole-plant CBD extract and is free of synthetic chemicals. Massaging Rescue Balm into sore calves after “leg day,” will do two things: Increase circulation and blood flow to the muscle (encouraging elimination of lactic acid) while “taking the edge off” the pain, allowing for greater mobility.

Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplements (BCAA)

After a long day of working, we’re tired. About 10 minutes into our workout warm up, we begin to question our life choices, we hate our trainers and we want to go home and take a nap. BCAA’s can help.  Branched Chain Amino Acids are three amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) shown to do three things: Reduce fatigue in athletes, stimulate protein building in muscle and reduce muscle breakdown.  When BCAA’s were supplied to athletes during a rowing workout, they rated their perceived exertion and mental fatigue as lower. This means they were still working out at a high level, but their brains weren’t yet telling them they were tired. BCAA does this by reducing our brains uptake of tryptophan (the post-turkey sleepy amino acid). Not feeling as fatigued after a hard workout can elevate your mood, increase your motivation and push you to keep up your workout – increasing your recovery by not breaking you down quite as hard. And speaking of feeling sleepy…


To optimize recovery from a workout, getting enough sleep is critical – and one that is often the hardest to  increase. During sleep, growth hormone is produced, protein is shuttled to damaged muscles and muscle fibers are repaired. During REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the body slows down, restores organs, replenishes immune cells, and builds bones. CBD Hemp oil can help you fall asleep or stay asleep longer.

Numerous studies have shown how CBD can help with sleeplessness. Because CBD hemp oil acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, it helps regulate balance and homeostasis. Keeping the body at an even level, allows it to relax, and feel less anxious.

Many of our customers have reported success with using CBD Hemp Oil and sleep. We believe it’s due to our “whole plant” CBD oil that includes not only CBD extract, but the variety of constituents including terpenes, sugars, and secondary cannabinoids that are believed to work together. Two terpenes, beta-Myrcene and linalool have sedative properties.

What you do and put in your body immediately after a workout can significantly impact how your body heals and improves. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a daily cross-fitter, or a morning yoga enthusiast, adding CBD oil to your workout recovery is healthy, not high. Our CBD oil is natural, organic and from specially grown industrial hemp plants and comes in a variety of flavors and styles. For more information, please see our products page.


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